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Meet JW Over the last two years I have been blessed with her existence.  She is the reason you are reading this.  The reason you are looking at this picture and all the others to follow.  Without her there wouldn’t be me.  I am the lucky one.  To describe her as perfect would be insufficient.  […]

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those darlins

Love ladies who play guitar.  I have to say these gals know how to rock.  Crocodile Cafe “i got drunk and i ate a chicken i ate the chicken i found in my kitchen not just the leg, and not just the wing i’ll like to let you know i ate the whole damn thing”  […]

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dutchess and the duke

  This was the Dutchess and the Duke.  They played their last show at the Tractor Tavern not on stage,  but on random bar stools in the crowd.  I was kind of sad to find out that this would be the end since I only found out about them maybe a month or so before.

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