Monthly Archives: July 2011

out of focus

this is dedicated to my dad.  400 miles away from home,  laying in a hospital bed.  a homage to his ability to stay focused when life decides to dance on the edge.  my dad is old school.  tough as fucking nails old school.  break a couple ribs and don’t go to the doctor for three […]

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i like nature

I’m excited about this one.  I used to think pictures of mountains, rivers,  and flowers was just copying nature and taking all the credit for it.  Now I’ve come to realize that I live in a pretty awesome part of the world.  I have to thank my parents though.  They would take my whole family […]

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bryan dewey

Bryan Dewey is my friend.  A GREAT friend for that matter.  Those who know him know exactly what I’m talking about.  He could possibly be the sweetest guy you could ever meet.  ALWAYS giving,  never taking.   Genuine to the core. I’m very excited that he is tying to knot next month,  sorry ladies. I’m […]

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