may day

i’m all about supporting the underdog.  sticking it to the man.  but today,  that changed.  99% of these protestors where just there to be somewhere instead of being at home doing nothing.  yes,  i think billionaires should pay a fare share and yes i think there should be stricter environmental laws protecting the earth and the food we eat.  but what kind of strategy is it to get your message across to taunt and curse and scream at the top of your lungs at police officers for just being police officers?  the people who are there protecting your precious 1st amendment rights.  why where you spitting on them?  to claim police brutality when they finally decide shut your mouth up with their baton?  why are you telling them to “fucking die pig!” but have nothing else to say about the “real” issue?   you talk a lot,  but you don’t say much. 

of course,  there could be huge improvements with how police across the country treat and handle the public but i have a new found respect for law enforcement and how insanely difficult their jobs are.  huge shout out to the SPD!

seattle  wa

may 1st